Vindigo for Pocket PC

Up to date information on what to do in American cities

Vindigo for your PDA (Palm and Pocket PC/Windows Mobile) knows about every great restaurant, bar, store, and museum in major U.S. cities. Learn about every movie and live music show playing, and find ATMs and parking lots nearby. Vindigo can even tell you how to get there with full color maps, walking directions and public transit information. All you need to do is tell Vindigo where you are (by entering the nearest intersection) and what you want to do.

Do you want to eat, shop, or play?

• Food: thousands of restaurants, delis, and coffee shops in each city
• Movies: listings for every movie now playing, plus reviews
• Bars: great bars and clubs
• Shops: the nearest places to buy books, music, clothes, flowers and more
• Services: from ATMs to parking garages
• Museums: exhibitions and permanent collections
• Music: listings for live music shows reviews

If you choose restaurants, listings are sorted by distance from your current location (you can re-sort by name). Vindigo also shows you the average cost and food ratings assigned by our nationally-recognized reviewers, as well as cost and food ratings.

Vindigo provides rich content on your chosen activity accross many American cities and some cities in other countries. Vindigo will let you feel like a local wherever you go!

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